Behavioral Demand Response

TATA Power Delhi Distribution Ltd. conducted a lucky draw for the customers who supported us by participating in Urja Arpan – Demand Response Program. We are glad to announce the winners for their contribution.

FY 2022-23, List of the Urja Arpan – Demand Response Program Lucky Draw winners Click Here to Download

FY 2023-24, List of the Urja Arpan – Demand Response Program Lucky Draw winners Click Here to Download

Partner with Tata Power-DDL’s Demand Response Program and Contribute Towards Building a Brighter Future


Tata Power-DDL’s DEMAND RESPONSE PROGRAM is a special scheme to voluntarily reduce the electricity consumption during peak hours and earn attractive rewards.

During hot summer days when energy demand is highest, the electrical network requires more power than available. By participating in DEMAND RESPONSE PROGRAM, consumers can help us manage peak electricity demand and ease the strain on the electricity grid, hence ensuring optimum utilisation of electrical network

In addition to this, the participating customers will become eligible to earn rewards depending on the number of participation in the events.

Selected smart meters and AMR (Automated Meter Reading) customers are eligible to be part of DEMAND RESPONSE PROGRAM.

Benefits of Participating in DEMAND RESPONSE PROGRAM

  • Saving Environment: Generation of more electricity to meet peak demand substantially increases the carbon footprint of the grid. Controlled consumption during peak hours would help limit the carbon footprint, hence saving the environment.
  • Lower costs to all customers: Any reduction in peak demand can result in reduced grid and generation investment. Less transmission and generation infrastructure means lower electricity costs for end users.
  • Increased reliability of service: Switching off non-essential load or turning on standby generation in response to transmission or generation failures helps maintain electricity supply for consumers' essential services.
  • Rewards and prizes: Selected Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers will be notified about the rewards before each event. Reward will comprise of either incentives as gift vouchers or lucky draw which will be declared after completion of all demand response events.
  • Reduced energy costs: The DEMAND RESPONSE PROGRAM gives an opportunity to reduce the monthly electricity bill by using electricity judiciously. Also, participating customers gets incentivised based on the participation in number of events.
  • Social and environmental obligation: DEMAND RESPONSE PROGRAM is a clean, efficient alternative to peaking power plants. By participating in this program you can help us maintain reliable and affordable electricity, hence signifying your social and environmental obligation.


Under DEMAND RESPONSE PROGRAM, events will be called for a maximum of 2 hours, for 3 to 4 times in a month, between 1st April’23 to 30th Sep’23. You will be informed about the event in advance through SMS/Calls/Whatsapp and E-mail. All you have to do is simply reduce your energy usage for the period informed by Tata Power-DDL on a particular day. Participating Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers will be acknowledged and informed regarding the incentive being earned for each event and attractive lucky draw rewards.

How to reduce electricity consumption during events?

You can reduce your load during peak demand by:

For Residential customers:

  • Completely shedding (shutting) the load during peak hours. Turning off the AC, Microwave ovens, washing machine, dryers, water motor, switching off all devices on standby mode, etc. OR
  • If you have more than one AC, you can use only one AC during events at an optimum temperature (25oC). By switching off AC for 2 hours, you can save upto 3 units from 5- star rated 1.5 ton AC and upto 4 units from 3-star rated 1.5 ton AC. OR
  • Shift the load to a different time. Daily house hold activities like, washing machine, dryers and microwave can be used other than DR event period. (before or after the event duration)

For Commercial and Industrial customers:

  • Switching off heavy non-critical load during the peak duration.
  • Optimize HVAC Systems to Reduce Consumption.
  • Turn OFF your ACs during the peak duration.
  • You can save 3 units in 2 hours by switching off 1.5 Ton AC.
  • Make use of AC at optimum temperature by setting ACs at 25°C which will reduce the electricity consumption level.
  • Switch off Water pump if it is not critical to be used for commercial/ Industrial connection during peak hours.

Incentive Calculation

The incentive will be computed, based on the performance level of the participating customer. The participating customer has to reduce the actual energy consumption by 10% as compared to baseline.

There are three bases for the evaluation.

  • Baseline: Baseline is the average of daily maximum consumption over the past ten days, also known as high ten of ten.
  • Actual Consumption: Actual consumption of electricity by the customer during the event duration.
  • Load Reduction: Difference between Base Line and Actual Consumption.

The Rewards have been designed for selected Residential, Commercial and Industrial customers distinctively as per below criteria.

  • Based on the participation in each event, Residential Customers will be eligible for Incentives worth Rs. 50/Rs. 100 and attractive rewards under lucky draw scheme.
  • Commercial & Industrial customers will be eligible for attractive rewards under special lucky draw scheme in each event.

Tips on Using Energy Smartly

  • Switch off your home and office equipment from plug after use.
  • Keep computers and monitor in sleep-mode when not in use or used later on, this helps cut down energy costs by approximately 40%.
  • If your computer is required to be left on, turn off the monitor, as it alone uses more than half the system’s energy.
  • Remove the plugs of battery charger for laptops, cell phones, digital cameras and alike, when not in use.
  • Screen savers save computer screens, not energy. Shut down the computers when your task gets finished.
  • Switch off the lights and fans when not in use.
  • Clean your tube lights and lamps regularly for a better lighting experience and energy efficiency.
  • Use LEDs in place of incandescent lamps and save up to 75% of electricity for the same lighting level. A 7-Watt LED bulb produces the same amount of light as a 15-Watt compact fluorescent bulb and a 60-Watt incandescent bulb.
  • Upto 18% of the energy can be saved by reducing the temperature setting of the water heater from 60 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius.
  • Iron your clothes and linen all in one go. Do not keep a hot iron which is switched on in an upright position for long period since more heat will be lost.
  • Don’t keep electrical appliances ‘ON’ in idle conditions.
  • Use a low temperature setting on your washing machine and only wash full loads.
  • Switch to BEE 5-star rated energy efficient Air Conditioners/Geysers and other relevant appliances to save energy.
  • Always make provisions for windows and doors at home or office space to allow natural light and avoid using electricity during day time.