Ease of Doing Business

  • 190 Economies around the world are ranked by the World Bank on ten parameters wherein, ‘Getting Electricity’ is also one of the parameters.
  • There are four parameters considered in evaluating ‘Getting Electricity’ for an electricity connection which impact a 140KW / 150 KVA connection on 415V supply are as follows:
    • Time taken to get electricity connection.
    • Cost required for getting a new connection.
    • Procedures required to be completed for getting new connection.
    • Reliability of electricity supply.
  • The concerted efforts of Ministry of Power, Central Electricity Authority, Government of Maharashtra and the DISCOMS – TATA Power-DDL and BEST, have contributed in raising India’s rank in ‘Getting Electricity’ from 137th rank in 2015 to an impressive 22nd rank in 2019.
  • Many reforms have been undertaken in Delhi, which has contributed to the improvements in rankings:



Note: * where connection is feasible from existing distribution system, and no RoW/Road cutting permission is required.


  • Online approval mechanism for Right of Way (RoW) from PWD


  • Online facility provided to the consumer for registration of new electricity connection and submission of Documents. Please Click Here.
  • Demand Note charges for New Connection shall be raised to applicant in the first electricity bill
  • Steps for obtaining a New Connection under EODB are as mentioned below:-
    • Step 1: Submission of online application along with all documents
    • Step 2: Field Inspection and Energization of Connection
  • Under EODB, customer can apply New Connection for load ranging from 101 KW to 200 KW at LT supply
  • We have upgraded from the conventional SCADA to Advanced Distribution Management System (ADMS). It is an Integrated platform with one user interface for SCADA, DMS and OMS. Same is further integrated with GIS, ERP, CRM, Field Force Automation (FFA) and Meter Data Management System (MDMS).
  • Launch of Mobile Application with real-time status tracking against Notifications.
  • New Connection Experience – Customer Testimonials. Please Click Here to watch the video
  • For more details on EODB - Click Here